Revised Breastfeeding Protocol: How the Breast Works

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Revised Breastfeeding Protocol: How the Breast Works

The BFI Strategy for Ontario and Toronto Public Health are pleased to announce the next revised Breastfeeding Protocol called How the Breast Works. This foundational protocol provides insight into the workings of the breast in preparation for and during breastfeeding. Breast anatomy, and the physiology of lactation are covered with clear graphics.

This protocol is part of a series that are intended to support health care providers and aim to:

  • Guide decision making in clinical situations.
  • Educate health care providers with information from basic breastfeeding knowledge to complex situations and challenges.

Protocols already available are:

More protocols will be released as they are completed: Watch for further announcements! Meanwhile, contact us with any questions or comments at

Protocole d'allaitement révisé : How the Breast Works (en anglais seulement)

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