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The Provincial Authority for The Baby-Friendly Initiative

Baby-Friendly Initiative Ontario is a multidisciplinary committee consisting of health care professionals, service providers and consumers within Ontario who are interested in protecting, promoting and supporting breastfeeding by implementation of the WHO/UNICEF Baby- Friendly Initiative. Our vision is that all eligible facilities in Ontario receive the Baby Friendly Initiative designation and all supporting facilities practice according to the Baby-Friendly Initiative (BFI) standards.

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Baby-Friendly Initiative Ontario welcomes anyone who is interested in protecting, promoting and supporting breastfeeding through the implementation of the 10 steps of the Baby-Friendly Initiative.

General Baby-Friendly Initiative Ontario meetings are held by teleconference.

For networking, resource and information sharing, two subcommittees also encourage ongoing membership. The Baby-Friendly Community Health Services group and the Baby-Friendly Hospital group meet regularly via teleconference.

For general membership information please contact the communication and public relations rep at membership@BFIOntario.com

Membership Cost

Individual - $20.00
Group - $50.00 (2 to 5 People)
Group - $100.00 (6 to 10 People)
Group - $250.00 (11 to 25 People)
Group - $400.00 (More than 25 People)

Payment can be made by PayPal, Visa, MasterCard and American Express through the PayPal site.

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