Thursday May 4, 2017  


07:15    Registration, Breakfast and Networking

08:00    Welcome and Opening Address

08:30    An Introduction to the Gut Microbiota: The Forgotten Organ                             - Dr. Emma Allen-Vercoe

9:30      Introduction to Poster Presentations 10:00 - Kristina Niedra

10:00    Break and Networking

10:30   Skin to Skin: The Safest Transition for Mother and Baby                                       - Louise Dumas

11:30    Posters, Networking and Exhibitors

12:00    Lunch, Networking and Exhibitors           

13:00   Concurrent Session A1 and A2

A1 - South Auditorium;   A2 - North Auditorium;

A1  Strategies to Maximize Breastfeeding Exclusivity in a Tertiary                     Perinatal Centre  – Jo Watson

A2  Building a Breastfeeding Culture: Making Breastfeeding Normal and          Accessible for All Families through Peer SupportMichelle Buckner 


14:00   Break and Networking

14:15    Procedural Pain and Management StrategiesMegan Mcmurtry

15:15    An Exploratory Study of Women’s Perceptions of Breastfeeding                   Support  – Gillian Elliott

16:15   Closing Remarks - Linda Young  

Friday May 5, 2017                                                                          


07:15    Registration, Breakfast and Networking 

08:00     Welcome and Opening Address 

08:30     Scientific Basis Of The Baby-Friendly Initiative – Louise Dumas

09:30     Questions and Discussion

10:00    Break and Networking       

10:30     Concurrent Session B1 and B2

B1 - Auditorium   B2 - Glenorchy/Dakota Room;

B1  - The BFI and The WHO Code: Emerging Challenges - Kathy Venter

B2 - Purposeful and Persistent Pioneers of BFI: The Designation (and                 Re-designation) Journey at St Joseph’s Health Care  - Jackie Barrett


11:30    Posters, Networking and Exhibitors  

12:00    Lunch, Networking and Exhibitors

13:00    Concurrent Session C1 and C2 

 C1 - Auditorium;   C2 - Glenorchy/Dakota Room;

C1  - Measuring Outcomes and Using the DataKaren Moynagh

C2  - Do You Want to be a BFI Assessor? Getting the Scoop                                           - Marg LaSalle and Louise Dumas


14:15   Break and Networking

14:30   Sometimes I Would Rather Be Eating Gelato, The Cost of Caring                        Valerie Spironello MSW, RSW 

15:30   Recognition and Awards - BFI ON & BFI Strategy

16:15   Closing Remarks and Thanks



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