Public Resources

A number of good resources have been developed to assist in advocating and education.
Breastfeeding Information and Activity Kit was developed by the Ontario Public Health Nurse's Association (OPHA) Breastfeeding Promotion Workgroup. This resource is for secondary school teachers to use as they create lesson plans which include promotion of breastfeeding. It would also be helpful for prenatal teachers. This will contribute to the creation of a culture where breastfeeding is the norm for infant and young child feeding.

Another resource developed by the OPHA Breastfeeding Promotion workgroup, The Breastfeeding Curriculum for Undergraduate Health Professionals was distributed in 2009
to postsecondary institutions to contribute to the consistency and accuracy of breast feeding information and training. The document provides learning modules which have information and resources to plan curriculum for undergraduate health care professionals.

Children's Books That Depict Breastfeeding 2016
This bibliography of children's books has been compiled to help us create a more visible and positive culture where "breastfeeding is the cultural norm."

Breastfeeding Resources Ontario
Breastfeeding Resources Ontario is a centralized source of high quality resources for people involved in helping new parents. Parents can also find helpful information. Resources align with the Baby-Friendly Initiative.