Strengthening community action on an individual and organizational level is essential to create a supportive culture for breastfeeding.

“The Baby-friendly Initiative provides guidelines to facilitate informed decision making about infant feeding. It describes what constitutes appropriate care for women and families who decide to breastfeed, as well as for those who decide not to breastfeed. These guidelines are based upon evidence based best practice standards. Health care providers need knowledge, skill and support around delivering risk and benefit messages regarding infant feeding and infant feeding practice. As parents and caregivers are empowered to engage in informed decision making around the issue of infant feeding their level of satisfaction with the decision that they make and their ability to provide their infant with safe and informed care will be optimized.” Ontario Public Health Association - Breastfeeding Promotion Workgroup Informed Decision Making and Infant Feeding Position Paper July 2007.

Breastfeeding Practices in Canada - Overview