Education Opportunities

There are many opportunities in Canada for Baby-Friendly and breastfeeding education.  BFI Ontario does not endorse any educator, specific course or educational event.

If you know of an educational opportunity that you would like to post, please send an email to Webmaster and we will post it here.

CAPPA Canada Lactation Education Workshop

Ready to become more proficient when offering breastfeeding education? This course is designed to improve the skill base, knowledge and perspectives on breastfeeding and supporting both the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative and Mother Friendly practices. Additionally, this course begins the coursework to become a certified lactation educator with CAPPA.

Offering 24 CAPPA Contact Hours and Nursing Hours upon request. 21.5 L-Cerps available.

Transform your understanding about what breastfeeding/breast milk really is:

  • An irreplaceable relationship
  • A brain developer
  • A complete immune boost
  • An ever-changing cell structure
  • A living tissue

Transform your professional skills

  • Increase skills of care in the first hours after birth
  • Increase further knowledge to support continued breastfeeding
  • Learn unique strategies for teaching breastfeeding to families
  • Explore adult learning styles
  • Enhance your communication skills

Transform yourself

  • Take the leap to explore new ways to work with families
  • Connect with other women who love working with moms and babies
  • Open your mind about new concepts surrounding breastfeeding
  • Take the first step to becoming certified as a lactation educator with CAPPA

Who should attend: This workshop is valuable for professionals such as Doctors, Midwives, Registered Nurses, Lactation Consultants, Doulas, Chiropractors, Pharmacists, Naturopaths, Osteopaths, Dieticians, Nutritionists, Massage therapist, or mothers giving peer support etc. and others who may want to pursue a career as a Certified Lactation Educator. It can also spark your interest into starting your IBCLC Journey.

Offering 21.25 L-CERPS and 24 CAPPA Contact Hours. RD and nursing contact hours potentially available on request.

For more information and to register click Here

Halton BFI Education Courses

Education is essential to providing knowledgeable breastfeeding support.

The Halton Baby-Friendly Initiative provides Level One and Level Two 18 hour WHO/Unicef breastfeeding courses throughout the year. One day Breastfeeding Updates (refresher courses) are also held once per year.

The prerequisite for the Level Two is successful completion of Level One.

2019 Halton Baby-Friendly Initiative breastfeeding education courses

Registration is now open

Hosted by Halton Baby-Friendly Initiative and facilitated by Kathy Venter.

2019 course dates

Level 1 - 18.5 L CERPs
Oct 23-25, 2019

Level 2 - 16 L CERPs and 2E CERPs
November 27-29, 2019

Breastfeeding Updates - 5.2 L CERPs
Sept 25, 2019

Register via Eventbrite

CMEs can be applied for individually by the participant. CMEs can be applied for individually by the participant.

Infact Canada

The INFACT Canada 20-Hour Breastfeeding Course

For a sound and basic training in breastfeeding support. The course is meant for any person wishing to understand the practice of and issues surrounding breastfeeding more fully. The goal of the INFACT Canada 20-Hour Breastfeeding Course is to facilitate the need to provide those working with mothers and their families the information required to adequately support breastfeeding.

  • Home
  • Facilitators:
    • Linda J. Smith, MPH, IBCLC, FACCE, FILCA
    • Elisabeth Sterken, MSc, BSc, Dt., Director INFACT Canada
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Step 2 education

A Canadian online provider of a variety of breastfeeding and Baby-Friendly courses for health care providers.

The BFI Breastfeeding Essentials course (20 hours)  may be of particular interest to those needing Baby-Friendly education for their work in a hospital or community setting.

Check out the Step 2 Education website Here

Upcoming one-day conference:

Breastfeeding Clinical Skills & Updates

The Middlesex-London Health Unit will be hosting Marsha Walker (RN, IBCLC) for a one-day breastfeeding conference this fall. The conference will offer an in-depth look at the breastfeeding challenges mothers commonly experience. Marsha will provide key insights into how practitioners can enhance their clinical skills in order to assist moms in achieving successful breastfeeding outcomes.

When:   October 1st, 2019 from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Where:  BMO Centre, 295 Rectory St., London ON

Cost:      $40 (includes lunch and refreshments)


  • working with babies who have difficulty latching, including tongue-tie;
  • addressing concerns of low milk supply;
  • unique case studies; and
  • updates on new and emerging lactation research.

To register, visit: or

Up to 6.75 L-CERPs are available