Baby-Friendly Initiative Tools

For background information about the Baby-Friendly Initiative, see the following key documents, or go to the  Breastfeeding Committee for Canada website.

Evidence for implementing the Baby-Friendly Initiative

Breastfeeding for the Health and Future of Our Nation From Best Start Resource Centre

Who Benefits from Baby-Friendly?

Business Case for BFI

Business Case for BFI Summary

The 10 Steps to becoming a Baby-Friendly Organization

BFI Integrated 10 Steps Practice Outcome Indicators for Hospitals and Community Health Services

Tools for implementing the Baby-Friendly Initiative

BFI Assessment Process and Cost

BFI Assessment Flowchart: an Overview of the BFI Process

BCC Breastfeeding Definitions & Data Collection

Calculation of Exclusive Breastfeeding Statistics: Hospitals & Birthing Centres

Making the decision to become Baby-Friendly

BFI Certificate of Intent

BFI Certificate of Participation

Maintaining Baby-Friendly Designation

Interim Report