Breast milk has become a political issue. At the World Health Assembly the US opposed a resolution promoting breast feeding. Are governments bowing to the food industry at the expense of child health? Do infant formula manufacturers have too much power? Joining us at the

A  member has shared this link to a video featuring Dr. Ariel Dalfen (a psychiatrist at Mount Sinai hospital), Courtney Jung (author of the book “Lactivism”), and a woman who gave birth 8 years ago who links her postpartum depression with  feelings of being pressured

Briefing Note                                                 SUBJECT/ISSUE: The BFI Ontario executive members would like to address the recent media releases regarding the death of Florence Leung, and

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Nutrition for Healthy Term Infants Recommendations from Birth to Six Months - has now been officially released (see info  below  Nutrition for Healthy Term Infants - Recommendations from Birth to Six Months( The work on updating these national infant feeding guidelines began about 2.5 years ago, replacing the

Implement a written breastfeeding policy

Train staff with the knowledge & skills to implement the breastfeeding policy

Teach expecting parents about breastfeeding

Support mothers to exclusively breastfeed for six months

The Provincial Authority for The Baby-Friendly Initiative

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